Get the Arena Sand That You Need

Get the Arena Sand That You Need

Aldridge Trucking is a trusted arena sand supplier in Holly and Grand Blanc, MI

Sand is a critical part in all good arena footing. The right type of sand is important when it comes to performance. When you need to purchase sand for your horse stable or large horse show arena, reach out to the suppliers at Aldridge Trucking. We are your premier choice for arena sand in Holly and Grand Blanc, MI.

Find the right type of sand for your arena

Don’t compromise the safety of your horses. The right arena sand is just a phone call away. We take the following into account when it comes to our sand so we can deliver the best possible product to our customers:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Maintenance
  • Particle grading

Put your trust in a company that have 60+ years of experience. We have a large fleet of contractors and trucks to provide you with the right amount of sand needed for your stable or arena. Call 810-232-8911 to place your arena sand order today.